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Johann Nertomb

Johann Nertomb is the current president of the collective A2T3M and an accomplished journalist.

Journalism's career
He collaborated for 15 years with the most famous news TV channels of France: He worked as a cameraman for TF1's "Seven to Eight" TV magazine. As a videographer and a journalist for France Ô TV, Guadeloupe 1ère TV news and for France 2 TV news. He also worked at the investigative TV magazines « Complément d’enquête » and « Envoyé spécial».


In 2016, He decided to leave France to Canada where he worked for two years at CBC Radio-Canada Vancouver.


Filmmaker's career


In 2008, he produced and directed the nine episodes of the first Guadeloupean fantasy series: "Soukougnans."


In 2013, he made a documentary about the life of young patients with terminal cancer at Garches Hospital, in the suburbs of Paris.

In March 2016, he directed the film "PAJWE" and won the first award at the "Festival du Prix de Court."

In January 2018, he made his 2nd movie "The Unicorn," a short film drama and won the Jury Special Mention and Best Independent Director Award at Global Film Festival Awards in Los Angeles, USA.


In January 2019, he made STONE ROSES, a short film filmed in Vancouver currently in festivals in the United States, Caribbean, and Europe.


Johann lives in Vancouver as an Independent Filmmaker. He is currently working on a documentary project.

Stone Roses


It's lunch time. As usual, Pierre goes to the park located a few blocks from his work. He eats sitting comfortably on a bench, while enjoying a good book. What he doesn’t realize is that today he is going to meet someone who will change his life forever.

The Unicorn ( La Licorne)

Affiche Licorne2.jpg

Jacques and Sophie's marriage is in danger, but for Amelie, their 7 year old daughter, they must stay strong.


 PAJWE (Don't play)

A woman wakes up in bed gasping. As she tries to regain her senses, she discovered her husband's body lying lifeless at his side.
Gradually, she will understand why and how she has come to kill the man who shared his life.

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