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Jean-Baptiste Perran

Jean-Baptiste is an artist with multiple talents.
Since his young age, he has been passionate about images (comics, cartoons, and movies)

Self-taught, he learned to draw inspired by illustrations,

At the age of 16, he won the second prize at "the BD Caribulles festival," an event which opened to him the doors of the biggest comic book festival in France: the Angoulême comic book festival.
Marked by this adventure, he decided, a few years later, to continue his artistic studies in the city of Angoulême.
He masters the software of P.A.O (Computer-Aided Publishing), as well as a good number of video and animation software.

In 2017, he discovered a new facet of his talent by participating as an actor in numerous short films including two films of the A2T3M Collective, La Licorne, and Kombosh.

In 2019, he made the drawings of Bwa Kaybo, the last film of the collective A2T3M.
Because of its graphic quality, the film was selected and broadcasted at "the Festival Nouveaux Regards" in Guadeloupe.

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