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Frédéric Laurent Tessonneau

Frédéric alias Bugfu Most Wanted is an accomplished artist. Singer, musical composer, ambianceur, he devotes to the writing of scenarii.

These writings, inspired of stories related to an authentic Guadeloupe reality.

In March 2016, he made "the voice" of the film PAJWE who won, the first prize of the "Short Film Festival".

2003: New Anblem
2006: Byèn Griyé (Jénès An Mouvman)
2008: Dcibel Kréyol and Souljah Marvelous
2009: Akeza Ly
2010: French Dope 4
2016: Article 19

In 2019, he directed his first movie Bwa Kaybo and he will make his first video clip for the end of the year.

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